The Picturing Death Project Journal Entries from 1999-2003

The simple but effective structure for the Picturing Death Project, a cast glass table, four chairs, and journals, provide a structure for journal writing with 4 questions that help participants examine how we will choose to live with the knowledge that death is inevitable. Currently, the project table, chairs and journals reside at Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan in Kalamazoo.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Journal Entry 681


Cold - dark - silent!

Question - is this real?

What comes next?

Has the sky really opened up? Will the sunshine appear again?

Will I see my Lord? Am I worthy?

This dark tunnel - there's light at the end of it.

What will I see at the end of it?


Dottie was always such a "bouncy" - vivacious person + often spoke in sort of "off the top of her head." But then she was slipping away. I held her hand as I watched over her. As those last deaths came I kissed her on the forehead, told her I loved her. And now I frequently visit her at the Cathedral garden. dottie, Tom, Craig + now Miriam. Our years of friendship were short - life is short - and those years pass before me as I stare at the plaques that identify each of you - and I weep - May peace be with you.


Time passes quickly - life is short. It is not until well past middle age that one faces this fact. All of a sudden I am an elderly woman + am being treated as such. I am counting my years ahead as less than I've lived in past. I'm trying to adjust to this but it's hard to accept. Showing my love + my love for my Lord surely will help me accept end of life gracefully. Without love there is nothing.


Peacefully - with my Lord at the end of the tunnel of death.

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