The Picturing Death Project Journal Entries from 1999-2003

The simple but effective structure for the Picturing Death Project, a cast glass table, four chairs, and journals, provide a structure for journal writing with 4 questions that help participants examine how we will choose to live with the knowledge that death is inevitable. Currently, the project table, chairs and journals reside at Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan in Kalamazoo.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Journal Entry 675


I go to a happy and bright light where I am greeted with my friends and family members who passed away - I am very happy and don't feel like I am alone. I am at peace. I don't miss the material things in earth. I am in the presence of god and everything is beautiful and beautiful music all around me. also beautiful colors are everywhere.


I have recently experienced the death of my mother "aug-05" I was in complete shock the first 2 months. I miss her very much but I know she is in a much better place now. No suffering or pain. It seemed like a bad nightmare while I was grieving I just felt very alone. But I know her love is always there for me and mine for her. I lover her forever.


I just feel that I will be in a better place than here on earth. I will be very peaceful and happy. I won't be sad, no pain at all. But until that time happens I will be happy with what comes my way. I cannot change everything or even try to.


My only fears are that I feel bad for everyone still here on earth. But know that someday everyone sill be together in heaven with God and Jesus.

* When my mother died, I was crying very badly for few days before the visitation at the funeral home. I prayed and felt bad I did not look much like her. Then at the first visitation the first visitor out of nowhere told me I looked just like her. I looked at him and told him "thank you." He answered my prayers for me. I felt so loved and at peace.

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