The Picturing Death Project Journal Entries from 1999-2003

The simple but effective structure for the Picturing Death Project, a cast glass table, four chairs, and journals, provide a structure for journal writing with 4 questions that help participants examine how we will choose to live with the knowledge that death is inevitable. Currently, the project table, chairs and journals reside at Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan in Kalamazoo.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Journal Entry 680


As a toddler - grannie Packer + grandpa May

As a child - Dearly loved pets, + parents' friend (less close to me less real)

People were old when they died - it was a long-in-the-future event. The status quo would reign over us for a long long time.

As a young woman, the first wave came. I was far away and my presence was seen as non-essential and difficult.I believe I should have been there. Missed my first opportunities.


The process of accepting the reality of my approaching death emphasizes the importance + preciousness of each day - sometimes each hour and how I choose to use this time. Sometimes that reality shows itself as impatience - and I don't want to be "impatience." So I am driven to continue my work on figuring out the shape of who I wish to become - believing that I've been given this time limit as a gift - else the process might be forever postponed. Still, the loss of my our life, somehow might seem easier that to accept than loss of those closest to me.


I wish to be aware of the process, to experience the process - gently. I hope to experience richness in the closure and find a new beginning or a knowing as I slip back into the greatest source from which I came.

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